Editing, book formatting, story development, self-publishing coaching, ghostwriting, professional journal articles, dissertations, executive proposals, author platforms…name it, I’m there for you.

Manuscript editing – My experience includes editing fiction, nonfiction and poetry; children’s books, YA, fantasy, romance, mystery, anthropology, true crime, law, sports, self-help, health, cooking, faith, history, business, music, entertainment, erotica and more. This versatility translates into polishing your book to be the best it can be, whether you want to self-publish it or pitch an agent or small press.

Self-publishing coaching includes helping authors (especially newbies) navigate their way around the DIY world of publishing, empowering them to have pretty much full control over their literary destinies. I’m able to get through all the noise because authors feel relaxed while talking to me about their projects. Your book is your baby and as an author myself, I understand exactly what you need.

Book formatting includes making sure all the “housekeeping” items are done and in place (front matter/back matter, including copyright page, dedication, bio, etc.); creating a style sheet to handle how your text looks; and finally implementing it to format the manuscript. Formatting is done for paperback and ebook versions. This is the last step before uploading your book if you are self-publishing.

Ghostwriting requires someone who is an excellent listener. I go beyond that and actually “hear” you telling me your story so we can turn your ideas into an engaging and amazing book that is unmistakably in your voice.

Your project can be quoted either way:

By the hour

COPY EDITING @ $65/hr.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING @ $75-$125/hr. depending on the project

AUTHOR COACHING or SELF-PUBLISHING AMA (Ask Me Anything about publishing) CONSULTATION @ $75/hr.

**Better Deal!** FLAT RATE – By the project

Most projects are done on a flat rate basis. This works better for the client because I do at least three runs through the manuscript.

COPY EDITING – Flat rate is determined after examining at least two (2) pages to see the extent of the edits needed. Please send an inquiry to for specific information.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING – Developmental editing is determined after examining 2 non-consecutive chapters.

BOOK FORMATTING starts at $150 and up, depending on word count and complexity of the book’s interior and whether it is for ebook or paperback.

MANUSCRIPT UPLOADING (Amazon KDP, other) starts at $125/paperback and $125/ebook.

Contact me at for more information. Thank you!

“Debbie was simply awesome on content and incredibly quick to respond. It was a joy to work with her.”

Alessandra DeBlasio, “Let Justice Be Done”
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