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“Debbie Burke is a person I had never met except Zooming online, emailing on the computer and talking to on the phone, yet I know her so well, she’s almost family. We spent an intimate several months working together on my autobiography. My book has been an enveloping and developing process of great joy. Debbie’s professional support combined with her driving energy was positive and dependable and on tap 24/7.”

Film/tv star Michael brandon, too much to tell

Debbie Burke is an award-winner editor and multi-award-winning author of nine books (both fiction and nonfiction). She was a freelance reporter, covering parenting, business, arts and music, community news, and faith; a full-time news writer and two-time columnist; and the editor of a business journal and lifestyle magazine. Her jazz blog, on which several of her nonfiction books are based, has earned international praise.

Brooklyn-born, she has lived in six different states in the eastern half of the US, but most of all, loves being near the ocean. She lives in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

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